I'm my father's POA and my brother just moved in with him. Now he's trying to take over everything and shut me out. Does anyone have some advice on what I can do?

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If you are medical and financial PoA and your dad hasn't been diagnosed with dementia, I would schedule a exam where you pass his doc a note to perform a cognitive test. If he is diagnosed with dementia, your PoA is in play and you should move the brother out asap before you have to go through an eviction process. You will also need to ponder the costs and logistics of your father's increasing needs for care and how much you wish to be hands-on involved.

You seem concerned that your sibling has moved in, so I take it you are worried about possible abuses (financial, probably?) If your dad does not have dementia I would immediately talk to him about "unburdening" him of some tasks, like having his mail go to your house, and put all his banking online. If he has a computer you'll need to figure out how to keep others out of his accounts; hide his checkbooks and sensitive financial info, etc. Let us know how it goes!
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Is your dad still competent?   If not, make certain all financial information is sent directly to you.   If dad not competent, I would tell brother he needs to pay rent or leave
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If your dad allowed him to move in then that’s his choice. POA doesn’t give you control over your dad. It doesn’t allow you to override his competent decisions.
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