My mother needs to go out of town for 1 possibly 2 nights and we need someone to stay with my Step-Father who is a Veteran. He has had several strokes and is diabetic. He can get around the house just fine on most days but needs help with personal care, meals and medication for 24-48hrs. They also have a dog and cat which will have to be fed. The dog I am sure I can get a walker for but just in case do caregivers provide such a service? Is there somewhere that I can find a caregiver for 2 whole days and nights without having to hire them on permanently? And what would the cost be? I am not sure if he qualifies for any aid for being a Veteran but I might as well ask that while I'm here. Thank you in advance to whoever responds.

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A lot of the home health agencies can provide that sort of care. I have found they usually have a lot of flexibility. I expect they can feed the dog and cat too. Sometimes there are limits as to what they can do with medication, so you'd want to check on that. The cost is usually by the hour and it really varies by where you live. I think it was about $20 an hour for my MIL in Michigan. Where I live in Washington state it was $25 an hour.

Good luck.

I have also had some good luck with for a variety of care needs. That might also give you an idea of the cost.
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