I have provided 24/7 care for 12 yr. I have concerns about my health and no one to care for him. We live in Hall county GA/

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RedBerryFarm, thanks for your quick response and kind words. I hear the caring in your suggestion for long term care. He may be able to adjust... I'm not sure I can . I think I just need a :time out: to consider options and results. I'm gathering info and will start with the site you mentioned. I will be in touch.
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First, thank you for what you have done for 12 years - wow.

Second, is respite (temporary care) what is really needed for your situation - or would a longer term approach be better for this one who has Alzheimer's? ( ...and possibly be better for your health as well, having somewhere safe for him to be taken care of instead of it only being you.)

If there is no one but you to care for him, are you the one making his medical and financial decisions? (ie: Power of Attorney for him.)

Respite care might indeed...or might not be most helpful. Just things to think on... You definitely are needing a well deserved 'mental health' break yourself.

Third, you could try beginning at a site such as "" for assistance and resources specific to your area. ( or just dial 211)
Who is this man's doctor? The VA? Anyone? You can also check with them.

I hope that you find what you need - and soon.
Take care. Bravo to you for all what you have done for this man for so long.
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