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When my mother-in-law fell and broke her hip she had to go into rehab in a nursing home. When I went to see her one day she mentioned how 'rough' they were with her taking a shower. Well I know they have to hurry and get MANY patients showered on specific days, so I asked them if they would let me give her a shower. They were more than happy to let me do it too. I put her in a chair with wheels that was also a potty type chair, cause it had a hole that she sat on. I undressed her in her room and covered her with a blanket and then wheeled her to the shower room. I wheeled that shower/potty chair into the stall and used the shower wand. I had brought from a home a back scrubbie thing, you know the kind that looks like a scrunched up sponge? Well anyway, using that and some shower gel I also brought from home, did the job. Now I don't know if you have access to a wheelchair friendly shower stall, but that would be the best way to do this. If you only have a tub/shower then find a shower chair that will span the distance from inside the tub to outside the tub. Like 2 legs in and 2 legs out. Then heft her on the side that's outside the tub, and slide her over to the inside of the tub. You have to have a shower wand though, not the regular thing. I ended up getting pretty wet when I helped her, but we laughed all the way though it. I ended up doing that a few times after that too.
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