My granddad is in a skilled nursing facility. I got a call from him today saying he was in the hospital he was sent out 05/15/2020 and today's date is 05/18/2020 and no one from the facility called the family. I called the facility to get a better understanding as to why he was sent out and the staff said they don't have to call anyone. Which I know that is not right. Who do I report this to?

If Grandad is able to call you then maybe he is deemed competent and they don't need to call anyone.

Before I complain, I would do as suggested. Ask if his HIPPA paperwork has contact info? If he has authorized a family member to be able to receive medical info? The POA definately should have been called. If none and Gdad is competent I suggest he assign one. If there is a POA that person should have a copy on file at the NH. Same with his paperwork.

HIPPA rules are strict. No info concerning the person can be given out unless authorized by that patient/resident/client.
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Who is the POA and or emergency contact?

If he has not assigned anyone to this role, then the facility cannot call anyone.

if you are POA, then someone dropped the ball and that needs to be investigated.
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Find out what his paperwork is at the SNF. That’s what the facility has to go by. If he didn’t specifically put your name & contact info on his paperwork, then you will not be called. If you don’t have DPOA & MPOA for him, you have no real ability or legal standing to have say in his situation.
Sometimes in a fit of pique, or resentment, elders will deliberately leave family off the list..... like they put in name of a close friend or neighbor or church member. If he did that, your going to need to talk with him about his updating his paperwork with your name.
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More then likely probably forgot
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tiffany, wow that is really surprising. Are you his guardian or PoA? If not I'm guessing they might have called that person(s). Or, listed as the emergency contact in their files (I mean, what's the point of having that on file if no one is going to call?) Also, many facilities have very different and minimal weekend staff. If your grandad went in on late Friday night (the 15th) may their protocol broke down. At any rate, if you ARE the PoA I would definitely be calling the admin to get an explanation of why this happened and how they will prevent it in the future. If this outcome is unsatisfactory you can contact the ombudsman. I wish you the best in getting this resolved and hope your grandad has a full and speedy recovery.
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