I need help to get my mom out of nursing home, please. I need housing , to help me. with a 2 Bedroom apt please and first floor . my mom is blind and has Alzheimer’s dementia and can barely walk. Please help me have my mom for Christmas. She has already suffered enough in this nursing home.

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Dianeny13- a better plan might be to look into your mom's options for a lateral transfer to a nursing home you like better. Caring for someone at home is extremely difficult and can be very, very expensive. In addition, if it turns out that your mom needs more care than you can provide, you might find getting her back into a nursing home isn't as easy as walking up and saying "We're here!"

Start looking for nursing homes that you like more than the one your mom is in. Speak to them. Even if your mom needs a Medicaid bed, you might find a placement for her if you try.
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Dianeny13, there is a reason that your Mom is in a nursing home.... she needs a village of people to help her with her daily routine. I realize you are voicing this through emotions.

Even if you found suitable housing, would you be able to budget for all the necessary items required to turn your apartment into a nursing facility? Such as buying Mom a hospital bed? Walker or wheelchair, grab rails for the bathtub and for the toilet? Does she need Depend type garments? Those in itself are quite expensive. Any special food diet?

Are you able to budget to have a professional caregiver, who is very familiar with Alzheimer's, to come in to help you? No way you could do the work of 3 full-time caregivers each and every day. You would crash and burn very quickly due to the physical and emotional stress.

You have under your posting "elder abuse", curious what type of abuse is happening.

JoAnn has posted some excellent suggestions.
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Sorry, we are a forum of caregivers. We are from the US, Canada, UK and other countries. We do not have the resources to help you find a place to live.

If you do get an apt, who is going to care for her 24/7. Dementia does not get better it gets worse. She is blind and immobile. Who is going to bath her, dress her and pick her up when she falls. If ur unsatisfied with the NH, find another. If you feel she isn't receiving the care she needs, call your state Ombudsman.

An option is to call your local Office of Aging. Ask them what resources they have available. You can call APS (Adult protection services) and ask that they investigate the home.

What are the problems with the home?
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