I need help taking my sister off as caregiver to my mother, but I don’t know how.


My mother, of course it’s an older lady, and she stays in her home in which my sister lives. You could say my sister is her caregiver but I don’t believe she’s doing the job right . For one of many reasons my brother and I have come to the conclusion that my mother is being overly medicated and my sister makes her feel as if my mother owes her a lot and can’t be telling us the things she does like take money from her accounts and to pay off her personal bills like car notes. I work two jobs and I could hardly see my mother but the time I’ve gone ever since my my father passed away a few months ago I’ve gotten closer with her to the point where I am more than sure that my sister is over the medicating her. What she really wants is to keep my mother's home and the small business my mother owns. I already spoke to a social worker but that’s been over a week ago she said she would stop by but to now she hasn’t and haven’t heard from her. This makes me think she’s not gonna be much help. I need to get this taken care of and quick. We’re not rich we actually can’t really afford a good elderly’s home for her but I do want something to be done in order for things to change and my mother could at least have for last year’s of life feeling the love she deserves. please help



It sounds like adult protective services needs to investigate this situation and be told what you have written here. I don't know how you would go about evicting your sister from your mother's house.
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RosioCabrera01, I am moving your post back toward the front page. Hopefully a caregiver will come along with suggestions for your situation.
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