I need help. I urgently need surgery which will require rehab and recovery time. I am a 24/7 caregiver. How do I get help lined up for mom?



Ahmijoy, I think you mean Medicaid. Medicare does not pay for respite care. It's usually a private pay thing. OP may want to check with Medicaid if Mom has no money.

Besides NHs, check with ALs in your and see if they offer respite care. Have you talked to your doctors about your delemia. Maybe they can help.
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If you have the funds to self-pay, check for facilities that offer respite care. If not, and there’s no family who can care for her, it’s probably a good idea to call Medicare and see what your options are. Getting home health care might be easier than temporary placement in a facility IF she can be trusted at home alone until the HC gets there. Finding respite care and getting it paid for is something that requires going through channels, paperwork and all the other fun stuff. Good luck!
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This is a big problem for full time caregivers! Call local facilities to book a respite stay for mom, or call agencies to enquire about care in the home, or call all your family members and tell them to step up.
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