A son hired me to care for his mom and flipped the script on me with zero pay for 2 months. Originally it was room and board and they just needed someone to be here at night and make sure there were meals prepared for her because I could work during the day. When she arrived from this 2 star board and care she needed 24/7 full time care, bedridden. I had no days off, a monitor in my bedroom and couldn't turn my back on her. The neighbors and friends saw the great job I was doing. She passed away. They never paid me and now I have no money to move and they are like different people. She didn't own the house it was left in trust she could live here until she passed. I was the only one who contacted the owner after she passed because he never paid the gardener after he became POA six months before she passed. I'm in a very uncomfortable situation and I gave her the best care and she was a beautiful woman only 74. There was so much wrong here...they took advantage of hospice by lying on paperwork diagnosing her with Alzheimer's to save money and he admitted that in front of his girlfriend after his mom passed. When I called 911 after they lollygagged the doctor asked why is she on hospice? Anyway, living here, not paid and have no money to move. Called the labor board and she said, "didn't you think about that before you got involved" yet couldn't give me any other help than file your claim. Not sure what else to do other than file a claim and find another job asap. The owners are being kind to me by giving me 60 days in a 55+ community. The son was told to move his mother's things out and came with movers and a truck but still has alot more to get and I keep having to clean up after them, so rude. I know my worth and felt appointed to be here with her. I'm hurt, angry and feel powerless by time, money and now answers. Thanks

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Thank you all very much. Small claims court it is.
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Eyerishlass is correct, small claims court is your best way to go. get your ducks in a row, no lawyer required. get with unemployment and job searches in the meantime. hope this helps, Bobby
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Did you have any kind of an employment contract with the son?

You could sue in small claims court, you don't need a lawyer for that. But you would need proof that you carried out your duties per your agreement with the son and you'd need proof that he offered you X amount of money.

If nothing else comes from this, you're a lot wiser now.
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How old are you, Jen? Have you no resources, friends, credit?
Can you get some sort of job nearby, so you can make some moving money?

What sort of work have you done in the past?

It sounds as though, going forward, if you are going to seek employment as a caregiver, you need to do so through an agency and not on your own. It sounds like your have a big heart which gets in the way of your business sense.

You seem to value the opinions of others ( they could see what a good job I did) over getting paid. Make sure you get some letters of reference from the folks you impressed. Maybe they can help you network to find a temporary caregiving/housekeeping job.

Good luck!
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