I need health care insurance for myself but have no income due to taking care of my elderly parent. Any suggestions?

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Guest, yeah that proposal will ripple though all states. MS has done work qualifier for SNAP and trimmed 30-40% off and the food pantries are slammed & not just in MS but any food pantry within short driving distance out of state.

Really for anybody reading this, please please if it’s looking like you or someone in your family will be needing ACA, to get into a NH on Medicaid, enroll in PACE, or any other at-need program, you need to get eligible and enrolled this year. 2018. States have basically been given the green light to cut back social programs beyond the bone and just too f* bad for those that are at-need.
If you are already in a program, your gonna be grandfathered in someway. So get eligible, enrolled, whatever & asap.

Or move to a state that’s socially conscious.
Or a country you can afford to age in.
& be mindful of who you vote for. 
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It's worth noting that Kentucky is trying to impose work requirements for Medicaid so if your caregiving is based on parent unable to care for themselves make sure you have documentation for Medicaid to verify that you qualify for any caregiver exemptions.
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KY took the Affordable Care Act Medicaid expansion, so you should be able to get insurance on your states ACA exchange. I remember reading like 80k KY residents got insurance for the first time by Obamacare medicaid expansion.

ACA Obamacare is designed for those in your situation.... not eligible for Medicare, no employer health insurance but have health care needs which they can’t afford. And cannot afford the usual BCBS, Humana health insurance policies. Google ACA Obamacare KY to find exchanges.
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thanks so much snoopyLove that may help. I live in kentucky
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Hi, Valkmurph. What state are you in? That info will help us figure out what might be available.

I am in CA and have Kaiser insurance through CA's Covered California (Obamacare). If my income were lower I would be on CA's Medi-Cal (Medicaid). I hope there is something available for you where you live.
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