Sorry, this is a forum of Caregivers from all over the US, Canada, UK and other Countries. Even if we knew ur State, there is no way the site owners could compile this kind of info.
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I got a lot of good references and information by going to a support group for caregivers at our local hospital.    You also have to be specific, do you need estate planning (does your elderly one have a lot of  $$$) or Medicaid/VA planning (not so much money).
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RMGrief, search online for the bar associations for your state and county, and search as well for bar associations specific to the specialty for which you want an attorney.  E.g., real estate bars, elder law bars, etc.   

Then research the firms online; check out their websites, review the educational and professional backgrounds of attorneys in the practice areas (probate, real estate, elder law, etc.) and call those who are of interest.
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rmgrier, since you don't even list in which state/town you live, how is anyone supposed to give you references? Please supply this info. Also, no one is going to send you a "list of lawyers". If you want that, a google search will be quicker and more productive. "estate planning attorney"+"(your state and town, or zip code)"
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