I need durable POA because nursing home says they can't do that I need to be POA. Any suggestions?

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Call your local Area Agency on Aging
Does Mom have any form of Dementia? If so she cannot assign a POA. She has to be of sound mind. If she is of sound mind she needs to go to the lawyers office. She needs to make her wishes known. Sign the form and then it's witnessed. Not sure if a lawyer will make up the POA without seeing her.
Well that is so true but if you go to free legal aid and that mom is able to sign and have one of those good days and her dementia stage and comprehend what she signing there’s no problem but if not then you have to go to the courts and request to be the legal guardian for her which can cause money that you don’t have to continue because you have to report every year. So know your mothers secretary with good papers and all that good stuff what you’re spending . so that will be a lot of bookwork legally for you to be trusted so your best bet is to think about it . continue to do what you’re doing check and see if she has a will and a medical directive ,because of you making decisions for her now and they’re excepting what you’re doing that’s fine by me because that’s what I’m doing but free legal aid will save you money so take care of your needs and get your POA completed complete it long as you’re 60 years old this helps . Early stages for mother is best .

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