1) A family member sold moms home but she did not receive the full proceeds. They received $285k in equity using another person's credit/ strawbuyer.

Meanwhile, the person who received the equity began a campaign against me with false elder abuse allegations. I have lived and worked with Mom for over 20 years! No problems until this began!

This person smoked out the wrongdoing by telling family members plus neighbors that I was abusing my mom. Sure, while I am a single mom raising a middle schooler! Right, I have the time! My mom fell for it and turned against me making life unbearable. I continued to stay and stick it out because I held an interest in the home.

However, I notified the bank but they foreclosed KNOWING ABOUT THE FRAUD. I fought hard and the JUDGES KNEW ABOUT THE FRAUD i.e. my mom did not agree to sell the home and continued to live in like she was the Owner but did not receive all the money from the sale!

Even though The case for FRAUD was never heard, the eviction court evicted! Even while my mom was undergoing hip surgery!


but I was falsely accused and blamed for losing the home!

What Can I do now? I was harassed by the APS who was too STUPID to figure THIS OUT. The POLICE even stupider! Who kept coming out to the home on wellness checks even though I filed a restraining order against the person who took the equity and trying to get me out so they could take over the home completely to receive the next set of equity available! Did not happen.

I need to know what I can do now. THE AUTHORITIES FAILED TO PROTECT MY MOM AND ME. We live together now and the family members are fine with it because the home we had for over 20 years is gone!

I am left with nothing and so is my mom.

I feel as though anyone can BRAND anyone as an elder abuse without any proof!

I want to know what I can do now legally beside just live with this mess!

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I'm calling it like I see it. Nope. There's more to this story.
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Seems like there are two cases requiring an attorney.

Case 1. The house was sold out from under you, and you do not have all the information? However, Mom did receive money from the sale? You did not?

From what income was the mortgage paid, and by whom?
Why, living with Mom, were you not involved in making sure the mortgage was paid? What happened to that money?

Case 2. You were falsely accused of elder abuse, but APS allows you to still live with Mom, even though she was against you?

Are you fighting both cases?
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"A family member" sold your Mom's home.
Does this person have POA, or a guardianship, or is a conservator?

Did this "family member also hold an interest in Mom's home?

Are you and the family member on the deed before the sale?
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Your story is confusing to me...the equity in the house was taken by someone, house was sold, and foreclosed on. You and mom were evicted. You couldn't get a restraining order. You were living with her then, and now, and couldn't do anything to prevent losing the house? And the police, courts and APS are all stupid? And who is being abused, you or mom? It sounds like you are fighting everyone, which always makes me wonder why everyone else sees things differently. It doesn't sound like anything can be done legally. How about some counseling?
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DEFAMED2019 Feb 2019
Yes, this is confusing. Filed lawsuits. Need an attorney. Not counseling. Its complicated and requires legal analysis.
I am from California. Any advice, suggestions?
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Sorry, members of this forum are from all over the country, UK, Canada and other Countries. What State ru from. You may want to call your local Office of Aging. Ask if they have a number for Legal aide. Lawyers for your area should be in the Yellow pages, even on the internet. Usually a consultation is free.
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