I met a lady in church, who is 80, who owns her own home with a reverse mortgage, who doesn’t have any friends or family. Please advise on how I can get her help.


She would like to move because her neighborhood isn’t that safe. I don’t know where to turn to help her. I was thinking if they have senior citizen’s advocates to help. I would be willing to take her to discuss her situation. She isn’t in good health. Please advise. Thank you.

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Nanla, the positive note is that this lady from church is of clear enough mind to know it is time for her to move. First you need to see if this lady has someone who is her Power of Attorney as it would be up to that person(s) to help her with selling the house and finding a new place to live.

Wonder if her primary doctor would know about any family? You could take her to her doctor for her annual "wellness exam" and see if the office would give you any information, they may not due to HIPAA laws. They might be able to say "yes" if you ask if there are family members who live nearby. Then you can quiz this lady from the church about a son or daughter, or siblings, to see if she would open up to you.
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Have her call the local Area Agency on Aging for help.
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