My husband is also a retired Army & i just need information.

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Yes. Our dad's va pension app is being processed and I and any family member can count our caretaking hours for payment. We invoice our time. The amount paid to family members is deducted from our dad's total income which is used to determine benefits. I believe the same applies for any state/federal benefits he would qualify for but we are just finding out about this. For assistance, we found a Veterans liason through our county. They provide help with applying for benefits and finding other resources. Another option may be to check with cancer society? The Alzheimer org. and the my dad's clinic also provided resources and suggestions. Hope this helps.
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Yes! You can find VA benefits, but it is a long frustrating journey. The one thing my eldest brotherwas able to secure for Dad.

I don't know how it works. I received a phone call from a Vet who could only share his first name. Nice guy, apparently a disabled vet himself.

Needed to speak with Dad to ensure something.
We caregivers have all been thru that. HIPPA, etc. I can't pay his Dr bills unless they talk to him!

It took dozens of medical forms to determine his deteriorating status. We received half of what I understood we'd see.

I'm uncertain what CNA/HHA is, but i'd like to know.
_ yeah, my vision & hand coordination it too lousy to text.

Good luck & keep trying!!!
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