I lost 2 jobs and I have to stay home until I see if my hubby qualifies for help from state...we have no money and I am not able to work. Any advice?

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I am feeling so lost it paralyzes me...I need to find a way to get cash for gas and bills, my hubby had 3 strokes and quadruple bypass and his leg is starting to go?

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dhooven, is your husband trying to qualify for Medicaid [which is different from Medicare]? Note that Medicaid does not pay for personal living expenses. Medicaid may be able to pay you for caregiving depending on if your State has such a program, but note if Medicaid does, the pay would be very minimal.

Now, if hubby qualifies for Medicaid, Medicaid will pay in full for your husband's care but hubby would need to move to a nursing home. That may not be the choice you want, but it does give you the availability to go back to work to help keep with the household bills.
Apply for food stamps. Call the local Area Agency on Aging for advice. Does your community have a "211" phone system for referrals to community resources like help with housing and utility costs etc.
Is your husband on Social Security? Are you? You may qualify for disability payments. Call your local SS office and speak with them.
Are you unable to work because you have to take care of your husband or other reasons? If it's only the caregiving, it sounds as if he's past what you can do properly in your home. If you call Agency on Aging, Social Services, etc.; they should be able to help you get him on medicaid so he can go into a nursing home, at least for awhile, until he heals up. If he was a veteran, call veterans services and see what's available. Don't go down the drain, there is help out there and also here, on this forum - God bless!
thanks too all of you! yes we do have 211. social worker is coming next Wednesday to assess my hubby - I am completing the paperwork for the financial part for altcs state assistance
fingers crossed - and yes I can work - just need someone to stay with him his high risk fall person and white matter dementia...I do have a defibrillator though I do not think this qualifies me for ss disability???? what do I ask ss? I do know my hubby is getting the max amount - so there is no more monies for him. Me i'm not certain? please advise
If you can work and earn a Substantial Gainful Amount (which I think is currently $1162 per month) you probably won't qualify for SS disability even with the implant

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