I live with and take care of my husband's grandmother with dementia. I quit my job due to her condition and am inquiring about how to get paid.


I don't know the exact set up but know her son who lives hours away handles her finances and her daughter (my mother n law) who lives a block away does nothing at all to help. I don't wanna cause family conflict by inquiring how to get paid while taking care of her but if I did I could get things that she needs. What or how do I ???



Call your local Area Agency on Aging and see what services GM might be eligible for.
If GM is on Medicaid she might be eligible for a caretaker for several hours per week depending on where she lives...which state. For you to be the provider paid by Medicaid you might have to take a course to qualify. But start with the A A of A and see if they can advise you.
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