She owns house, has diabetes & TBI. This is beyond my capabilities now. My sister said house must sell to put mom in assisted living. Mom has private insurance & Medicare.

Assisted Living might not be the best solution if you can't care for her. It would be Memory Care of Skilled Nursing depending on the level of care needed.
Application for Medicaid might help. Others will ring in on this subject
Is she capable of signing a contract? If not do you have POA so that you can sell? You might be better discussing this and the other options that might be available withe an Elder Law Attorney.
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depended on her assets she may be better qualifying for medicaid. , as I completely agree that Assisted Living is out if you cannot care for her. She would need the more expensive memory care. If she qualifies, then when the home is sold after her death the money will be recovered by medicaid. There are times when the person who has been living with and caring for the elder in exchange living in the home can continue to live in the home, dependent on how long you have cared for the elder. There are many issues and they vary state to state. This means you need an hour of time from an elder care attorney. You and your sister should attend together and split the costs. Who has POA? Who is guardian? Is all the paperwork done and everything in order than can be. What level, if any, of dementia is present. Do see a lawyer who can answer all your questions appropriate to your state in one hour.
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