I live in the Los Angeles county. We are looking for wheelchair accessible van rental. Mobility requires 4-5 day rental too much! Any suggestions?

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Sorry, this is a forum for people who care for loved ones. You may want to try ur Office of Aging to see if they have info.
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Lita, contact your local Alzheimer's Assn. and/or Area Agency on Aging. Both maintain lists of various aspects of caregiving providers and transportation, and may have a list of wheelchair capable vans.

I've seen these vans on display at the AAA expos. That's always a good event to attend to gather information for the future.

You probably know that rental of this kind of van isn't going to be cheap, regardless of the company from which you rent it.

Are you planning to rent this for several days, or just for one trip to a doctor or medical facility? If the latter, there are other paratransit options that would be much cheaper.

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