Now I have a nice amount of money in my personal account. They tell me that I only can get 25$ a day. Is that legal. Also when I was in the hospital last year they put all my belongings in storage and now they say I have nothing in storage. Shouldn't I be reimbursed? Janet

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$25 a day is $750 a month. Living in an AL what do you need $750 a month for? I only spent $200 on my Mom for her personal needs. She ate all her meals in the dining room. Snacks and drinks were offered during the day.

There must be a reason why they are in control since this is unusual. Usually family members have POAs and handle a residents money if they can't. Other residents are perfectly able to handle their own money.

How long were you in the hospital? As long as you were paying rent, you still have the room. When Mom was in rehab, 20 days, after 2 weeks I didn't pay for her care just her room and board.
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If you are on Medicaid then yes it is fair. You are allowed to keep up to $60 a month out of whatever income you have and the rest goes to the facility towards your room and board. Medicaid pays the rest. $25 a day seems more than reasonable to me. The facility probably wants to make sure your money lasts you all month. You don’t want to spend it all and have nothing left for a few weeks.
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$25 daily is a lot. Not to seem intrusive, but why would you need more than that? Is it possible that a relative who has Power of Attorney set limits on your withdrawals? As for your personal possessions, you need to speak with the administrator of your facility and find out what happened to your things. These things should not have just disappeared without your permission. If you have a family member who helps you, ask them to track down your possessions.
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