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I would strongly suggest that you ask about your doctor to order home health. They will tell you if your dad meets the criteria or does not meet it.

Every single time I inquired about it, my mom met the criteria and home health does a world of good. Sometimes the doctor asked if mom wanted it. Other times, I brought it up. If Medicare will not cover it they will let you know.

My mom has had home health several times. The last time she went was several months ago in October.

She moved in with my brother and she was once again approved for home health and participated in the program at his house so it’s worth inquiring about.

A good doctor wants to hear what their patients are experiencing. Communication is key. You must fill them in on what is going on. Are you his medical power of attorney? I was for my mom. That is important to do if you are involved in your dad’s care.

Home health provides excellent health care in my area. I see you are in Morgan City. We are completely satisfied with Ochsner doctors in our community. They have a great home health program in place.

I just looked online and it looks like Ochsner serves St. Mary’s parish. Is your dad’s doctor affiliated with Ochsner?

Text me if you like and I will fill you in. I was the primary hands on caregiver for my mom here in Louisiana for 15 years so I have experience with this and I understand what you are going through. It’s hard. I am so sorry that your dad is struggling with these issues.
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Home health, being paid by Medicare, only comes in when the person has been hospitalized or discharged from rehab. Once the rehab needed is done or the care needed is no longer needed because the person has healed, lets say woundcare, the person is discharged. Medicare nor Medicaid pays for "sitters" they pay for aides.

If the elderly person needs help in any way, like with bathing, pill planners, dressing...then maybe Medicaid would help. The person would need to be low income. Medicaid would come an assess. Then determine how many hours are needed. Same with Office of Aging. They provide aids but not "sitters" unless there are volunteers that will do this.

Was this person active in a Church? Maybe call the office and see if there are members who volunteer to sit with people.
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NeedHelpWithMom Mar 31, 2020
My mom had home health before and after rehab that was paid for. Mom has Medicare plus Humana Gold Plus insurance which does pick up some of the cost.

It all depends on the particular circumstances. My mom’s home health was ordered by her doctor for various legitimate reasons. Home health helps so much.

The problem comes afterwards when the physical and occupational therapists are done and they leave instructions to continue to do the exercises. Most times they don’t stick with it. It’s a challenge.

You’re right, JoAnn. They do handle wound care too. Mom had a sore from sitting in her recliner all day. The nurse assigned to home health was fantastic. She did a wonderful job in treating it and also gave terrific advice on preventing future wounds.
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Hi, neighbor

I live in Louisiana too! New Orleans here.

Have you called Council on Aging? There is a waiting list. They will do an assessment of the situation. They will help with bathing, preparation of meals, light housekeeping, rides to and from doctor appointments and so on. It isn’t a whole lot of hours.

Medicare pays for home health which pays for an aide to help. Can you ask your father’s doctor to order home health?

Best wishes to you and your dad.
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No, neither will pay for a sitter. Medicaid may pay for a caregiver though if the person is medically eligible.
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