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In most states Medicaid will cover and arrange transportation for medical, dental and eye appointments. Area on Aging can give you information on transportation for other needs. My church has a committee that helps elders with shopping and errand transportation.
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Terry, this is a question asked periodically if not frequently. There are a number of posts on how to get transportation. to medical appointments.

Check out the posts for that search, or use the search box on the far left of the navy toolbar, next to the "" link on the same toolbar. You can search under "public transportation to medical appointments", "private transportation to medical appointments", "paratransit" or similar terms.
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CAll your Area Agency on Aging to see what the options are.
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Here in our city, we have a Community Bus transport association. It’s not free, but costs under $10 a person round trip to the grocery and bank. They will come and pick you up if you need to go to the doctor and then come back and get you when you’re done. They also have regularly scheduled stops around town on certain days. They have handicap accessible buses.

Call City Hall in your city to ask about it. If there is none, you can also call senior centers to see if there are any people who could provide rides for you for a nominal fee. Medicare and Medicaid usually don’t pay for non-medical, non-emergency transport. 
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