Doctors have said mom (76) is on the last 1/2 of the last stage with Alzheimer’s. She is completely lost inside. She doesn’t know anyone, sleeps 15+ hrs. a day. Drinks very little, eats just a few bits in a 24 hr period. Can’t do anything for herself. Has anyone experienced these things and can tell me how long their loved one survived.
I believe in God will and I know every case is different I’m trying to get a idea.

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Hello Dee, that was a wonderful answer katiekate just gave u.
May I add that, despite all the Drs predictions, my mother lingered 3x as long as they said she wud. Just sayin'
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The nurses at Hospice told me this...
when the downhill changes are apparent from one month to the next, then know that there is only months left.
when those changes are noticeable from one week to the next, then there is weeks left.
but, when you see those changes from one day to the next, then there is only days left.

it is very hard to witness this downhill trajectory. Take good care of yourself. And, from my own experience, do not be alone in those final days. You will need the support system yourself.
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