I just won guardianship with my mom as well as an organization for the elderly in which I reported to about abusive situations going on. Any advice?


The first date of the court process I was there because the same person who was my case manager didn't give the courts updated info and now they are co- guardianship with me and the judge is giving a realtor the estate guardianship to a realtor. What can I do about this trickery situation? The nursing home was there too and I gave them my update where about at least five times while visiting my mother.

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Dorothy, your mom is in a nursing home, right? And you want to bring her home?

To your home, or to her home?

What are her care needs? How will her care be paid for? Is she currently on Medicaid?
I seem to recall that you have a daughter with mental illness who needs your care?

What is the issue with mom staying in the NH? You said once she was scared? Are her fears realistic, or are they a function of her dementia?

Getting her seen by a geriatric psychiatrist, and getting her some meds which will calm her anxieties and agitation might be helpful.
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Same here. I'm not really sure what happened or what the issues are.
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Sorry Dorothy. This is a little difficult to understand. Perhaps you should hire an attorney.
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Somebody ease give me a started answer to research please
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I was not at the first court proceeding as well as five other people, their addresses were listed ad unknown for elderly company which lied and we all missed the first court date is that legal and how can I fight this trick situation of this plot
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