I just found out there is a 90 year old spouse of WW2 vet that knows nothing of a VA pension. What can I do?


Mary lives in a falling down trailer house and survives on $700 a month. I have to find her help. Her husband died several years ago and he was active in WW2. What can I do to find out what all she should do and can expect from the VA?



The pension is Aid and Attendance and you have to show a medical reason for needing it. Either she needs caregivers or she is in an AL. Her care has to be more than her income. It doesn't hurt to call and see what maybe out there. You may want to see if she is getting discounts on her utilities. Call Social Services and see how they can help. Even Office of Aging.
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Here is a website that has phone numbers for various locations. The Austin number might be able to tell you more. Some courthouses have Vet Admin offices. You can call your County Judge or County Clerks office and ask if there is a Vet Admin office in your county.
Also the local Area Agency on Aging could be contacted. You could ask them to assess the 90 yr old for any services available to her. It will take some leg work to get this accomplished. Good luck and thank you for helping her.
You can also find a website for aid and attendance online but there might be individuals that can assist her if you get them notified that she is vulnerable and needs help.
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