Mom has had 3 ER visits in 3 weeks and two ended in 24 hour observation stays. The social worker recommended hospice and I agreed. Mom seemed to be in pretty bad shape. She has recurring antibiotic resistant UTIs, kidney disease, Alzheimer's and becomes dehydrated (the UTIs and dehydration are the reason for the stays). She went home (independent living with wonderful private pay caregivers available 24/7) two days ago hydrated. Today we celebrated her 88th birthday (it's actually tomorrow). There were lots of residents and caregivers and she looked great and seemed to feel great. Now I am questioning the hospice choice! Has anyone had such an experience? The dehydration makes her delusional, makes her hallucinate, etc.

She has been evaluated and meets the criteria. Mom is just all over the page mentally from moment to moment and especially from day to day. She was great yesterday and wanting to know if her parents were coming to get her today - among other things. Thank you for your help on hospice. I'm just trying to absorb it all - so overwhelming!
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Hospice is not a Death watch. It’s an extra level of pain control and care. Some people respond well and improve and go off hospice. Much better to start hospice too early as too late. We started too late for my mom. I’ll always regret this.
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Has Hospice evaluated her. If not, she may not meet their criteria. If she has been evaluated and excepted then Hospice feels she needs them. There are advantages to having them. One thing is Depends and supplies are provided.
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