I have to quit work to care for my dad and disabled husband, how do I get income and insurance without getting on Medicaid?


They are both on Medicare and make too much to get on Medicaid.



I am so sorry to hear this, Okowgirl!

Sometimes on this forum posters mention setting up a Miller trust, for those who make too much for Medicaid, to then be eligible for it (extra money goes to the trust). Apparently this can be done in some states. Maybe this is something to check into as a possibility? Also, could you contact your county's Area Agency on Aging for your dad and see if there is anything he qualifies for?

Just brainstorming here as I am hoping there is at least something that could do something to lessen this heavy load you are carrying!
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I am in Florida and relatives have Medicaid. They have a hard time finding a Dr who take it. Affordable Care act is blue shield and the same Dr's just don't take it in my area.
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What state are you in? CA, for instance, does provide insurance through the Affordable Care Act. I am very fortunate to have great coverage with Kaiser Permanente with a low premium for it.
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Many states make health insurance available to low-income households via the Affordable Care Act. (Some states don't, though. You'll have to see if yours participates.)

Medicaid is the only program I'm aware of that (in some states) will pay a family member for caregiving. This could apply to your father, but I don't think it would apply to your husband. It is not really enough to support your household, but it all helps, I suppose. Plus Medicaid covers a lot of other expenses, which can help out a lot. Eye glasses, hearing aides, medicine co-pays, doctor visits, etc.

What makes you certain that neither your dad nor your husband would qualify for Medicaid? Have you looked into applying?
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okowgirl, the vast majority of family caregivers do not get paid... unless their parent or spouse can pay from their own savings. If your Dad can do that, plus your husband, then you would need to prepare an employment agreement.


As for your health insurance, you would now need to search to find your own insurance.  I was able to get COBRA when I left my job, and that was good for 18 months.  But I had to pay for policy but it was cheaper than getting it on the open market. 
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