I have quit my job to take care of my Mother full time. Any advice?


She has a lot of health issues. I was just wondering what kind of help is available to me....she is only getting SS benefits

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If you are in South Carolina, and she is not on Medicaid, just Medicare, the only pay you get is whatever she wants to give you. Sorry.
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Looking into Medicaid for Mom may be very worthwhile, even if you return to the workplace. If their evaluation determines that she needs certain services, like a hot meal delivered each day or housecleaning help or a visiting nurse or incontinence supplies or some time at an adult day program, they will pay for them.

In many states, if some of those services can be provided by a family member, they will pay the family member to perform them. Obviously if she needs PT they wouldn't allow the family member to provide it unless the family member has the skills and certifications, etc. But the Medicaid waiver program paid my disabled brother to clean our mother's apartment. They also later paid my sister for caregiving a certain number of hours per week.

So, yes, some states will pay for family members to provide services. It is highly unlikely that this would match what you were making, but it is a help.

In any case, look into whether Mom is eligible for Medicaid.
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If her primary ailment is diabetes, her conditions are manageable and there's no need for you to be taking care of her 24/7. Translation: I don't think you're going to get paid much for this -- if at all. See what you can do to secure a home health aide, and return to the workforce.
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Thank you so much! Yes, she has Medicare, 78 years old and disabled
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Here's a link for home health care benefits for those on Medicare. The qualifications are rather strict. Does she have Medicare? How old is she? Is she disabled?

Though she may qualify for some services through Medicare, I'm not aware of any for a family member. If others know of any, I hope they chime in.

Does your mom qualify for Medicaid? Is some states, she may qualify for Medicaid, which is different from Medicare. Medicaid is based on income and assets. If her income is low enough, she might qualify for services, benefits and even Assisted Living in some states. I'm not aware of any benefits to family members of Medicaid recipients.

Most counties have a counsel on aging, department of social services, or department on aging, that can direct you to possible services that she might qualify for.
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