He is independent. We feel he is a prisoner.

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We really are trying to help you. However, we need more background information before we can give any intelligent and appropriate advice or suggestions to you. Each of your questions have been rather vague.

You need to be truthful with us as to what the Court of Protection had done and why they have done it. Telling us the reason for the Court of Protection to be involved in your loved one's life is not an admission of guilt on your part. It is an acknowledgement that the legal system has become involved in the care decisions of your loved one. Some of us have had Adult Protective Services or the court system involved in our loved ones' health care decisions so we have an idea what you might be going through. We just need more details.

We also need to know your loved one's real ability to perform ADLs and IDLs and whether that person needs to supervised 24/7 because of memory or behavior problems or for other reasons.

It isn't easy when a loved one's ability to take care of themselves diminishes. Often we are not ready for this to happen, but LIFE happens. Please tell us more about your situation so that we can offer honest and appropriate suggestions and answers. Thank you.
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What are the charges from Court of Protection?

This sounds similar to the U.S. process when Adult Protective Services becomes involved and ends up removing an elder from their home to keep them safe. Sounds like there is a guardian for dad.
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Penz, you've posted before about your partner, who you say is being kept in a NH far from where you live.

When you say your loved one is independent, do you mean that they can do all of their ADLs and IDLs on their own?

What sort of supervision do they need? Is there someone who can provide that at home 24/7?

Under what circumstances did your loved one get taken into care?
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Who is "they"?

If you are Health POA, then it is your responsibility to decide where he lives, and you have authority to implement that decision, under ordinary circumstances. So it will help us to know if there are some extraordinary circumstances here.

Is there a guardian for your dad? Answer ff"s questions so that we can answer you better.
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Pennz1, could you give us more information? Who is "they"? Where is your Dad living? Why was he placed where ever to begin with? What are your Dad medical issues? Why do you feel that your Dad is a prisoner?
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