I have taken care of my aging parents for the last ten years or so, during that time I have had to become their POA. I also have 6 siblings.
which at the time told me to do what I thought was best seeing I was primary caregiver. Now my siblings have accused me of mishandling the money all of this time. They never wanted to help before and are getting ready to take me to court. I need some legal advice or a name of a lawyer that would understand my problem and the laws where I live which is in Saint Paul Minnesota. John

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This is unfortunate, and it happens all too frequently. They see the end nearing and now they want money. You've done the work. Now it's time to show that it was, indeed, work, even though you did it with love.

I can't give you a name for an attorney, but I would contact the MN State Bar Association and tell them what you need. The attorney who drew up the POA may be able to help, too. I hope you kept good records.

So many of us dive into caregiving with our hearts and don't think about paperwork. Then, when people do what your siblings are doing, it's harder to go back and show that you did what was right. If you haven't kept records, start digging. You will need information to provide an attorney.

If the original estate attorney can't help you, he or she may be able to recommend the name of another attorney they respect.

Good luck. You did the right thing and now have to protect yourself. As long as the money was spent well, you should be able to prove it, but it's such a shame that you must go through this.
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As Carol said, if you did the best you could and can prove it then you should not have any problem and I would not lose any sleep over it.

By "prove it" I don't mean that you have notarized copies in triplicate of every bill you ever paid for them, I mean did you keep "reasonable" accounting records that indicate how you responsibly spent their money.

If so, certainly no worries in that your siblings can run and scream and jump and shout but they will not find an attorney to take such a case and if they decide to sue pro se it will be tossed in a heartbeat as soon as you show the judge your records.

I'm sorry you have to experience this. It is pitifully common as I am sure you are finding as you peruse these forums.

Wanna have some fun? Tell your sibs that you spoke to the best family law attorney in the state who is the father of a friend and he told you that they have no standing and that you should tell them to "bring it on!!". (and just for some more punch, tell them that in MN if you file a frivolous lawsuit you have to pay 10x court costs and can be subject to prosecution for a misdemeanor...even though you and I have no idea if this is true!).

Mind you I am telling you this providing that you did indeed perform admirably...ok, well at least with a modicum of competency....

We are all so quick to run to attorneys. Sometimes it is warranted, sometimes not, but it always costs money. You really have nothing to worry about unless a summons arrives at the door.

You are hero! Don't cower to others weaknesses!
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Facing fears makes them less frightening. The audacity of family members who believe they have some vested interest into the finances of another amazes me. Who believes our parents "owe" us anything? Who's money is it, anyway? Who earned it? Those who try to reap where they have not sown are stealing. Often what's done out of love and compassion ends up costing time and money. If you have worked to care for your elder, that is commendable, and you deserve to be rewarded for your efforts!
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