Do I sign his name? Then mine with POS following signature? Not sure about my rights? Wish Attorney would have explained it. Versus just having me pick up the paperwork.

Normally when you are acting for another person you would sign

Your Name
p.p. Person's Name

pp = per pro = for and on behalf of.

When you are using a legal Power of Attorney, though, it might be:

Your Name
with Power of Attorney for His Name.

Snoopy's solution is definitely the most practical, though :)
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I would call or go to the bank his checking account is with and ask them how you should sign. My dad's bank told me to sign my name, so that is what I do.
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If you are depositing a check, sign the back of check as suggested by AlfredR. If the check is over $1,000.00--I suggest that you add "For Deposit Only." I would also sign the deposit slip for the account as "Deposited for John Less by Joy Less, POA". That way you can look at a copy of the deposit slip and know who deposited the check. If you are writing a check, there are two ways that you can sign the check: (a) if you have "signing privileges" because you are co-owner of the checking account, then you can sign your name and write "POA for John Less" on the Memo line; (b) if you are NOT a co-owner of the checking account, but do have "signing privileges" because of your POA status, then you can sign the check as per (a) or you can sign the check "John Less by Joy Less, POA". Call the bank to clarify how they prefer that you sign the checks.
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Sign as follows:
John Less
by Joy Less, Power of Attorney
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Are you referring to a check made out to him?
If so, you can usually just put the bank account number on the back of the check for deposit only and no need to sign it with a signature.
And a gentle reminder. You have POA for your husband not over him. 
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