My husband is 21 yrs older than me, healthy at 77. I will have a pension & very small retirement account soon. He has only social security. If he needs care in the future, will he be able to get financial help? Or will I be expected to pay out of my pension of $35,000? We have talked about divorce so I can at least keep a home going.

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Thank you both. I had no idea there was such a thing as a certified elder care attorney. That is very useful to know.
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He is blessed with current good health, let's hope he stays that way. Do a computer search for Medicaid eligibility for your state. There you will find the rules for amount of assets, and the spouse's expected contributions.
If he is a veteran (or if you are) you may qualify for veteran's assistance. There are articles on this site about those rules.
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I would suggest both of you talk to a certified elder care attorney. There are ways in many states to separate your incomes and still qualify for medicaid.
My sister and BIL were able to do this in Illinois. There were some requirements to spend down or reduce assets and liabilities. But that is where the attorney comes in.
Be sure you find a Certified Elder Care Attorney not just one that says he works in that field.
Best of luck to you both.
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