Do I need to write up a Care Contract to get paid for my services and get paid from mom's estate after she dies? I took over care to prevent selling the farm to pay a nursing home. Can I be kicked out of mom's house by my sister (executrix) when my mom dies?

mark903, did you get a chance to review the answers to your previous similar post in early March?
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You absolutely need the advice of that elder law attorney suggested by other answers on this thread. I wish you a whole lot of luck in exploring your options. As you are current caregiver/joint POA and need financial advice re the care of your mother this bill goes to your Mom's current costs. Hope you will update us re what you learn.
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Its too late to have a contract between u and Mom. She is not competent enough to sign a contract. Your POA could have stipulated compensation.

In your situation I think you need to talk to an Elder lawyer as suggested. Five years is a longtime to care for someone who has ALZ. The farm could be sold and she could be placed in a nice Memory care Facility.
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For accurate answers you need to ask a certified estate or elder law attorney for your Mom's state of residence. You should definitely have a contract written up — that is if she has capacity. Not sure how that works if she no longer is capable of making those decisions and there are 2 PoAs... also not sure I would wait to be paid posthumously. This is why you should talk to an attorrney and not depend on an anonymous global forum of non-professionals where there is no accountability if they give you incorrect advice. You get what you pay for.
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