She has Parkinson’s and Dementia.

Visit all nursing homes you even think you may consider. Don’t rely on ratings. As you visit take it all in, the sights, smells, feel of the place. It shouldn’t stink, the residents shouldn’t appear neglected in any way, the staff should be engaged, busily working, and have positive attitudes. There should be varied activities daily, the dining room should have appealing food, the place should be as non depressing as a nursing home can be. Above all, know that you’ve done great in caring for your mom, and you’ll continue to be her advocate in her new setting.
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There's comes a point in every ALZ journey where 24/7 supervision is needed and that's almost impossible for one person to provide. You have given your mother the precious gift of 3 additional years at home as her health declined. Now find a good MC or NH for her and become her devoted advocate. Visit her and make sure her needs are being met; become a daughter again.
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