It’s complicated because mom was always a pill/self medicating person. Mom was taking prescribed sleeping pills for more than 10 years. She was independent and had a housemaid to help around the house. We would visit her and vice versa. Every time she had a health crisis the sleeping pill usage would come up after trying for her Dr to address this issue (to no avail) she finally got very ill this past January. We made a radical change and sought another Dr. The pills were removed among other unnecessary medication. But, she contends she can’t sleep ( mom has always complained of lack of sleep) melatonin was recommended; but she still manipulates three medications that make her drowsy and finds a way to combine those three and becomes lethargic and out of balance. I have approached the subject with her and the new Dr. It falls on deaf ears. It evolves into defensiveness on her part and frustration on mine.

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I’m a lifelong insomniac. Even as a baby my folks said I’d fight sleep as long as I could, and then wake up again at the slightest noise.

Sleep meds aren’t necessarily self-medicating. If it weren’t for melatonin and sleep meds (although Ambien did squat for me) I’d probably have gone insane by now from lack of sleep. No doctor has been able to pinpoint why I’m like this. It’s just really hard to turn my mind off and sleep, even if I’m exhausted.

It’s hard to explain it to people who don’t have chronic insomnia. It can really wear you down physically and mentally. For awhile it was so bad that I almost dreaded bedtime, since it meant hours of lying awake despite being tired.
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