My mom has severe dementia. She is like a 2 year old and very demanding like one. I don't know how much longer I can take care of her. I refuse to put her in a nursing home. The chronic fatigue has been terrible. I am even too weak to walk across the house anymore. Everyone insisted I take a vacation and I did for 3 weeks. When I came back I was not refreshed and mom seemed more demanding than ever. Does anyone have an idea on how to get my energy back? I also took care of dad 24/7. When he passed away I thought I would have more energy but I am stuck. I can't get out of this severe chronic fatigue. I really need help for the chronic fatigue.

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feebe, any chronic condition can cause fatigue, and especially if it's in your spinal column. I'm sure you're in a lot of discomfort, which contributes to fatigue.

And that's complicated by taking care of your mother. Can she afford any help (paid out of pocket)? I think that would be the first mental/emotional step, with back surgery the first physical step.

Who will care for her when you recover from surgery?

Give your strong feelings, I think it's time to rethink the situation. What options are available for you?

On a different level, when's the last time you had blood work done, especially iron level?

How's your diet? Are you able to fix good, healthy, nutritious meals?
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JoAnn29 Great answer. Because if the caregiver goes down, the whole ship can sink!
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Check with your doctor but stress of caring for Mom may make your health problems worse. I understand how you feel about a NH but I found one that I am very satisfied with. I knew when I took the tour and saw that the people were clean and seemed as happy as they could be, it was the place for Mom. Since she is on Medicaid, no more bills to pay. All her needs are met. All I do is visit. What ru going to do if you end up in the hospital?
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