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I have tried all of my sources and not found a place. If anyone out there knows of a way to get free or cheaper incontinence products, please let us know. This is a frequently asked question.

Good luck to you. I'm sorry about the damage to your body, but sincerely hope the cancer has been sent running.
Best wishes,
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So sorry to hear about the complications following chemo...I hope you are on the mend and the cancer is gone forever!
I agree with gov. agency provides these products and the companies you see on T.V. charge about the same or more than the stores.
For my mother, I shop at K-mart. They have these specials every month or so on Poise pads. It works out to be about a $5. savings per package. Also, when a store has a sale on these items, talk to the managers and ask if you can buy in bulk at the sales price. This worked for me at Rite Aid.
good luck...Lilli
PS: Have you considered consulting with a reputable naturopath about the after effects of the rad. and chemo? they have worked wonders for my family...just a thought
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