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Ermine, I remember my folks bragging that they only needed 6 hours of sleep [they were in their 90's] but every time I popped in to see them, they were dozing. If your Mom is napping after eating, that is very normal. Remember, when one has reached their 90's, they have lived a very long time, they are tired.

Also, check your Mom's meds, especially blood pressure pills, for side effects, some could say one would become sleepy, My pills would tired me out big time until the doses were adjusted.

Now that I am in my mid-70's, my sig-other and I would find ourselves asleep right after lunch and just before supper time. Oh no, we have become my parents !!
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NeedHelpWithMom Nov 6, 2020
I hate if I fall asleep during the last five minutes of a movie!
When my mother was still home, she slept about 16 hours a day because honestly, there was nothing else to do. My dad was busy trying to keep a house going, doing grocery shopping, and being 88 years old himself.

After my dad died, I moved my mother to a memory care place, and they keep the residents very busy and stimulated. It's more than one person could ever do at home, so no wonder Mom slept all day -- she was bored. She now has mental stimulation that keeps her awake more during the day, but she's 91 now and snoozes in her wheelchair a good amount of time -- just not 16 hours a day.

That could be the case with your mother, too. Keep in mind that you're disturbing her sleep every three hours, which makes for a terrible night's rest. Can't you put a waterproof cover on her bed and put a diaper and extra pad on her at night? My mother is never changed at night unless she really drenches herself.
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My mother takes a nap most days and If she does not sleep well she will sleep off and on during the day. We wake her every 3 hours to change and position her during the night. I used melatonin for just a few weeks per her neurologist and it worked very well but sluggish during the day. I only give it as needed now. My mother sleeps more now than she used to , she is 98 years old and I will let her sleep when she wants to. How long does she sleep and is this new? I would suggest if it continues it would not hurt to run it by her doctor. Good luck.
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Dear "Ermine,"

Does she sleep the whole day? Or is it more like sleeping for awhile maybe after she eats her meal then being awake for awhile until the next meal? Is she sleeping good throughout the night?

My mom is 95 with Alzheimer's and lives in the memory care unit of her ALF. They discovered she wasn't sleeping through the night which caused her to fall in the middle of the night, become agitated and sleeping throughout the day. When they put her on a low dosage of a medication to help her with sleeping, it made a world of difference with both the fact that she would now be awake during the day and was less frequently agitated. Now, she is sleeping more throughout the day however, hospice says her vitals are great and she is becoming more involved with some of the facility's activities. I think she is just plain tired plus the fact that caregivers, directors and other staff are in her room a lot which she doesn't always like so I think all that activity wears her out too.

Also, like "funkygrandma59" mentioned - is she on certain types of medications maybe for depression or anxiety that may be causing her sleepiness?

As suggested, if it is really upsetting you, please talk to her doctor and see what they have to say. It may be just a normal part of the aging process or disease (if she has any as I didn't see anything on your profile page with more information about your mother/situation).
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Is she on any medications that could make her more sleepy? If so, talk to her Dr. about adjusting the dose or eliminating. Otherwise, it's been my experience that older folks do get much more tired easier than younger folks, so probably nothing to be concerned about. But if you still are, talk with her Dr and explain what's going on with mom and see what they say.
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Depends on the individual but as s rule, it doesn’t take much to wear out someone that age.

They tire very easily. How many hours does she sleep?
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