There is an invoice with a 19.99 charge she never paid it and asked for it to be cancelleed she kept getting the magazines and didn’t know why. I called and her bill was $278 dollars and they were not going to cancel unless I paid them. I said my mom is sick but I will try. They said they canceled it but magazines keep coming. The company is Midwest publishing had anyone else had this happen? I don’t know what to do.

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This happened to my sister over 20yrs ago. When she tried to cancel, they told her she was contracted for 5 yrs. She would have to pay the full
amount, five years, to cancel. I agree, don't pay it. A legit company would stop the magazine. There was another thread like this. I think someone suggested calling the magazine subscription dept and trying to cancel thru them. You are dealing with a second party and its a scam probably. It couldn't hurt to try. If it doesn't work, let it go. Yes will wreck Moms credit but will she be buying a new car or house? Their practice is not even logical. Why keep sending magazines when you aren't paying what is owed. They r hoping you will pay eventually to get rid of them. And the magazine is probably overpriced. If they threaten a lawsuit, tell them to go ahead. I say this because under FTC rules if they threaten they have to go thru with it. If you start getting collection calls, tell them Mom won't be able to pay. If they start to threaten or abuse you ask them for a name and number that you can get back to them once you have been able to look at Moms finances again. Call back the number to see if its legit. If it is, report them to the FTC.

I would call the Post Office to see if they send back magazines with "return to sender" on them. I don't think they do. They won't send back junk mail either.
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There are several magazine companies that prey on the disdvantaged. You cannot return them. Sometimes you can call the subscriptions to cancel, sometimes the subscriptions refer you back to the company, and other times once you cancel, the company will only change the magazines. Unfortunately, mom will have to make all of the communications with you by her side to try and cancel each magazine. If you are taking over her finances you can ignore the bill. It may ruin her credit score unles you are planning to open any new credit cards or take out loans for her, which you proably are not going to do.
I had to help out an elderly man with this. He had 2 of these subscriptions since he hopelessly assumed that he would win some big sweepstakes. Just keep thinking out of the box to resolve this.
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When you get the next magazine - do not open it & write on it—
Please return back to sender!! Your not obligated to pay your mothers bill & neither should your mother since she told them to cancel it! When they call you tell them you have contacted your lawyer & if they persist your lawyer will be in touch!
My Canadian Living magazine tried taking my payment off of my visa since I had ordered on line -I phoned visa & told them to have a stop payment done on the magazine .I got about four magazines in the mailafter that — & put on it - please return to sender!
They finally got the message!
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That is kind funny though, Staffbull. Imagine this

Me calling the bank.....
Hello credit Dept? Hi my name is Pepsee Kowlah and I'd like to cancel my Visa card.

Bank rep......
Hello Ms. Kowlah, I see you have an outstanding balance of $7,518.65.

Yes, unfortunately I do. I really have been trying to cancel my card, it seems no one there is willing to do so.

Bank rep.....
That's right Ms. Kowlah we will continue to extend you credit until you pay your bill.

LoLOLoLOLoL... now that's good business right there...🤑
I agree with gladimhere,call the BBB. Sometimes we just gotta laugh!
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If the company sued your mom and she has no money to pay a judgement, it doesn't matter. Is she really needing a good credit score for a new mortgage? Don't agree to pay the money from your money!

This is probably a company that sends out what looks like real bills to get subscribers to agree to a ridiculous set of terms that ends up with a high price tag. It could be a bill collector for something similar. I'd ignore them & tell 'em to never contact you or her again.
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Ha, I thought you were going to say Reader's Digest! As far as I'm concerned a 1 year subscription is exactly that and if the company keeps sending magazines after it expires it is their problem, not mine; it is one of the reasons I never pay for anything that might automatically renew itself with a credit card.
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I would start with a complaint to the Better Business Bureau.
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