I begged for a meeting. They won't reimburse me for gas I spend to his Dr appts, parking fees, food I buy for him or his visitors that drop in for weeks without notice. I need help.

Are you being paid under the table? This maybe a problem with the Labor board. You ARE a slave. No one should be working 24/7 with no break. And expected to use their own money for anothers expenses.

Do you have someplace to go? If so, I would quit. Don't think you will get anywhere with these people if you haven't been up to now. These people should be taking taxes and SS out of your paycheck. Get your ducks in a row and then give them a 2 week notice. If you are in an "at will" state you don't even have to do that.
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I'm very interested in following you & how U figure out what U can & can't do... I'm reading lots of post & see how people need a contract or spread sheet or estimates that can be modified if there issues that come up as person needs more care than was agreed to or expected.. I'm Just getting ready 2 find out all the ways 2 protect Myself & still do what needs 2 B done for Person I'm Caring 4.. Thank You for your info. Gives Me more ways to look into things I would want 2 also look into B for I commit 2 how much Money I'm Ok with also... Good luck Lady..
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I would give them a notice of meeting and make it very clear that you will be reimbursed and this meeting will happen or they can consider this your notice to terminate the agreement between you because they have violated the terms.

You can deliver their loved one to the er and be done.

I would contact your local labor board to file a complaint. Expecting you to feed him and his guests is criminal.

Tacy help - this is your area of expertise!
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The family doesn't really have the option of not renegotiating or not reimbursing his expenses UNLESS YOU GIVE IT TO THEM. You are not a slave! Resign with 2 weeks notice and walk away. If you want to stay, have an agreement with your terms available and tell them they can accept it or you walk. One of the things a new agreement should include is a method of paying his normal expenses from his money (debit or credit card) - no reimbursement - you should not be financing his life.
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