The social workers are making out my dad needs nursing care, when he does not, maybe years down the line but supervision is what he needs. Being in a care home is making him like all the rest of the residents. It is not good for him. I now have to go to human rights court for help to get him out. He is a prisoner in a care home and does not need care. But being there is shortening his life. Can't people see what's going on?

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I don't know anything about UK facilities, but, why would they recommend nursing home care, if he doesn't need it? Have you actually reviewed their reasoning? Are you basing your position on what your father has told you? Have you confirmed what he has said with the staff and doctor? Your father could be confused or not being accurate about his condition.

Would you be able to live with him full time and provide around the clock nursing care? I'd ask for details and consider their position. I have found that sometimes, family members underestimate the degree of care needed. I'd be very sure of the reality moving forward.
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I totally agree with you ,my dads social worker has not helped him in anyway, they seem to have some kind of unlawfull racket going on,(in it for making money out of them and taking what they can get there hands on)Even solicitors struggle for any kind of leniency. I need someone to fight for my elder parent also. They will try any trick in the book to keep them in a home.I was told that they take all Human Rights ans older peoples rights away from them. They won't let me speak to them now only 2hrs. I have been trying for3yrs now. Good luck and i do hope you succeed to get your loved one home.
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Is there a doctor that you could get to vouch for your dad not needing this care? Even if he is out of the home, someone will have to move in with him or he will have to move in.
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