He is in a hospice now temporarily in Florida but does not communicate with me and I do not have power of attorney nor am I heir to his property. He has no family or friends in Forida; he is totally alone. He has the necessary insurance and could go to a Nursing Home but is obstinate and wants to stay at home and I am told he cannot stay by himself, needs care, feeding, bathing, and taking medications for various illnesses. He is on oxygen 24/7. I have the time, the room, and experience in caring for the elderly.
I am willing to take him in and move him to Las Vegas. How do I handle the legal issue and his inability to make the right decisions due to his stubborness and obstinate behavior? What can I do to make his life easier. I would be willing to find him a nursing home here in Vegas if I am not able to care for him, but he is resistant to any facility no matter where it is. What can I do legally to avert this?

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