Both my parents were of sound mind when doing their power and last will and testament. But both parents have failed mentally and physically since doing it back in 2014. My sister is trying to say elder abuse, but she has never participated in their well being up till now. Both parents are down to days for living. Recently documentation was given to me regarding my mother stating she is suffering with dementia. Since then my relationship with my mother has become difficult for she feels that I labeled her. Both parents suffer with other medical, unable to provide for themselves. Meaning medically or physically or hygiene daily. Both parents are being mislead. How should I handle this?

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If your parents have days left to live, there’s nothing your sister can do to take over. She would have to file for guardianship and that is a long process. If they really have days left to live, focus your time and energy on them & make the best of these last few days. I’m so sorry you are going through this.
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We need more information in order to help you.

First, where do your parents live?

Second, how is your sister trying to get involved now?

Third, to which authority has your sister gone with her claims of abuse?
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joannebrownx7, how are your parents "being mislead"? And why is your sister saying "elder abuse"?

By the way, your sister cannot take over the Power of Attorney. Only your parents can change their Power of Attorney to have your sister named. Since your parents are no longer of clear mind, that idea is out of the window for good. It was good thinking on your parents part to have both you and your niece on the Power of Attorney.
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Can you explain a bit further please? Not sure I understand your post. Thanks.
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