Does that mean I will not qualify for Medicaid?? That is from a car wreck. I use that to live on. I'm not going to waste my time or theirs filling out forms of I will be denied

If you are looking for Medicaid for a NH then you also need to know that besides being financially in need, you must also have health issues. Your doctor would need to say that you need the services of a NH.
Tell us a bit more about your circumstances. You are right to be looking now before your funds run out.
How old are you? Do you live alone? Were you injured in your car accident?
With the spending down it’s very important to know that gifting your bank account isn’t allowed. You must spend on yourself, like dental work, eye glasses, etc. Even on your end of life expenses. Tell us a little more so we give you more complete answers.
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There is Medicaid that pays for Nursing home care and Medicaid that pays for health insurance only. Which are you looking for?

If for a NH, yes you have to spend down to 2K (or whatever your states spend down is). Can you spend down in 60days before Medicaid kicksnin for your care.

If you are looking at health insurance then you may qualify. Just be ready to prove that the 6K helps to pay your bills. There is no spenddown for just health insurance. My nephew has Medicare with Medicaid as a supplimental. He receives about 1k in an annuity and SSD. He is allowed to work and make up to 20k a year. Call your local Medicaid and set up a meeting with a caseworker. Take you bills and proof of income with you and ID.
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If you have more than $2000, and if you do not have a spouse, you will not qualify for Medicaid. You might qualify for other programs - check with the Area Agency on Aging.
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