I had a ct scan. I had severe pain in lower abdomen.

Test showed a partially saccular aneurysm of distal infrarenal abdominal aorta measuring up to 4 cm transverse diameter . Moderate extensive diverticulosis of the sigmoid and distal descending colon

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Did your doctor give you any guidance?

So, there are two things your CAT scan tells us; one is that you have a bulge in your aorta, the main blood vessel that carries newly oxygenated blood away from your heart. For this condition, eating a heart-healthy diet, keeping sodium within reason and avoiding strenuous activities like shoveling snow is recommended. Reducing stress is also a good plan.

It also shows you have diverticulosis. I suspect THAT was what caused the pain. Have you seen a gastrointestinal doctor about that? Usually, you need to avoid foods with seeds, like strawberries, tomatoes and the like.

Please follow up with your doctor's office for more specific guidance.
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