I have 2 elderly parents living together in a villa - unassisted. My dad is very capable of living alone but my mom has Alzheimer's. I work a full time job. Not sure what to do as we feel they can continue to live as they are but would like to get Dad some relief and try to get them out for some social activity beside staying in the house. Would like some advice on this and possible other places they could live in the area of Boynton Beach that may better fit this change in life.

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Ellen: I am also trying to help Mom stay in her own surroundings....I think she is happier and healthier there...although, I realize that it is not possible for everyone.
I hired an in-home caregiver. She only comes by once every two weeks or so, but it helps me and it gives Mom someone else to interact with. It may give your father a break too.
I am in the same boat. It is so difficult now to get Mom out of the house. We do get out to a restaurant once and awhile. Now that the weather is better, I take her on long drives or go shopping. Her mental health is so much better after an outing.
You may want to look into your local senior centers - they are much more hip than they used to be. They have lots of activities and outings.
Good luck
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