Ensure plus costs $500 a month. I am needing help from Medicare or some place to pay for it.

There are some good suggestions on this thread. Also, in the meantime, I'd check with your local county senior center. Those in our area offer it either free or very low costs for seniors. I'm not sure what state you are in, but, those that I went to for my LO only asked that you sign a list that you picked it up and who it was for. There was no application or income verification. I'd check with the other referrals you have too, of course.
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Check with your oncologist's office when my Mother had cancer she got a prescription for Ensure and the local American Cancer Society gave her a case for free monthly. Not sure if this is still possible but worth a try.
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Kenneth, compare the ingredients with Carnation Instant Breakfast [I think it may have a new name but is still made by Carnation]. It comes in powder packs which you pour one pack into a glass of milk. If you are intolerate to milk, then use it in Lactaid milk, which works great. Sooo much less expensive than Ensure.
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Ask your doctor for a written prescription for the supplement and call your provider and ask which DME companies they use (Durable Medical Equipment).
Call that DME provider & ask if they have cases of Ensure they can send to you as a monthly delivery service to your home.

I am not sure they will pay but it’s worth a try.

Or work with your oncologist and have them write the prescription. If the office has a nutritionist meet with them to see if there is any prescription tube feeding products you may qualify for.

You have a qualifying diagnosis and looks to me that the Ensure is medically necessary for you so if one of your providers will write a prescription try to get a DME company to provide it. Look for a DME source that also provides cases of tube feeding cans.

Good luck to you and am hoping you get some assistance.
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Since Ensure or another protein drink is life-sustaining for you, contact your surgeon’s office or even your primary care. I wonder if you had a doctor’s order for this if Medicare wouldn’t pay for it or at least kick in. What did they tell you in the hospital? Did a dietician come to visit you? You can also contact the social worker at the hospital where you were and see if s/he can help.. Do you already have Medicare? Contact them to see what you’d need. Good luck.
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