My mom receives hospice care in my home. Until today, I was able to give mom full showers; however, her condition no longer can tolerate.

I myself am in the throes of a Fibro Flare.... I had a CNA come to help me give my mom a bed bath. Is it customary to tip?

No. It’s not expected.
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No, she is an employee of the hospice agency. Should not even except a tip.

You can have an aid as long as Mom is on Hospice. Its part of the service. Take advantage of it.
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Even the wonderful CNA that took care of my mother when she was in SNF would not accept a Christmas gift...& she said it was enough that she was appreciated! My mother’s is home now since March 2017, not from lack of care...but due to financial concerns & she just begged to come home...J have a private pay Aide ...that I share hours with.
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She is getting paid. She does not require a TIP.
All Hospice (or if not all of them they should) prohibit gifts to the Nurses, CNA's and other staff greater than $25.00.
Times that it might be appropriate to give a gift...
If you happen to know the persons birthday

The best thing you can do is send a note to the CNA's supervisor and tell them that this person has done an outstanding job, is kind, is...whatever else you wish to say. This will go into the persons file. I would also give a copy to the CNA as well. This recognition of good work would be appreciated just as much as a gift.

If you do give a gift do so as a Gift Card. Starbucks, Panera, Dunkin Donuts or other place that she might like.

The CNA that came to help me always came in the morning and since I was getting breakfast ready for my Husband I would ask her if she wanted Oatmeal or sometimes I would have Greek Yogurt and granola or fruit. I always made a pot of coffee the mornings that the Nurse and the CNA came so they would leave with a cup of coffee.
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Hi Countrymouse and CWillie....
Yes, she's from a hospice agency and I didn't tip because I know from my own experience as a CNA, we couldn't (and wouldn't) accept a tip. I just didn't know if home healthcare was different, or if things had changed along with so much else!
I haven't worked in direct care since the early 80's. Gosh, I feel so old.
I didn't want to insult her one way or the other.
Thank you very much for your help.
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Not customary, no, and if the CNA is from an agency the agency will probably have rules about it.

Appreciation and warm thanks go a long way, though :)
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No, in fact it would be considered unethical if the CNA were to accept it.
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