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I'm sorry that her care is so poor. I'm not a fan of SNF for the most part, but sometimes they are a necessary evil. Caring for a person that needs a LOT of care is so challenging at home, especially for one person. Impossible for one person for any duration of time.

Can you hire an aid to tend to her once a day for a couple of hours? Do some of the things that you think are not getting done or not getting done right?
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Don't take her home, move her to better facility. She is in the facility for a reason and taking her home means you give up your job and pretty much your life.
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If your Grandma needs skilled nursing how if the world do you think she'll get proper 24/7 care at home? Do you have RN's available at all times if/when its needed? Physical, occupational, recreation therapists? Are you going to be able to tend to all her basic needs 24/7? Think it through carefully. Maybe you'd be better off doing your best to help improve the conditions at her facility, for her and all the other residents.
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worriedinCali Apr 29, 2020
And are you or your grandmother very wealthy? You are probably looking at about $20k a month to pay for round the clock care at home.
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