They say because they own property. Unless they sign it over to passport.

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Here is what I found. TG he has the state he lives in.

"The Ohio Medicaid PASSPORT waiver program allows seniors that require a nursing facility level of care to remain living at home, or the home of a family member, and receive care in those locations. ... This allows the beneficiary to have a degree of control over who provides him or her with care.

Bobcat, do you live in Moms house or does she live with you? Usually, if she lives in her own home that doesn't count against her as income. If she has property, other than the house, it can be sold for her care. Once you spend that down, then her income will be looked at. Waivers are for people who don't have much money. If they say an option is turning over the property to them, I would do it. But, I would get a written assessment of the property to make sure it is used to offset her care. Just in case she is in her house and they put a lean on her house at the time she passes. You want to make sure she is credited accordingly.
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Bobcat, as Ahmijoy had mentioned, I also am not clear about your post.

Sounds like you were a mental heath therapist and had to close your practice in order to take care of your parents. Correct? From your profile your Dad had passed in October [my heartfelt sympathy to you and your family], and you are continuing the care with your Mom, who also has Alzheimer's, the same as your Dad.

Were you trying to get your parents onto Medicaid [which is different from Medicare] and your parents didn't qualify because they had too much in financial assets, thus the property? Is "passport" the name of your State Medicaid?

If you need Medicaid's help and your parents [now your Mom] has assets, Medicaid likes to be paid whatever your Mom has available, thus the property [I assume there is a house on the property].

If you were a full-time around the clock caregiver living under the same roof with your parents, check with Medicaid to see if you would be able to keep the property since you were their caregiver for those two years. Thus, you had saved Medicaid two years of cost. Something to look into.
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I’m sorry but your post doesn’t make sense. You were a therapist who gave up your practice? And what does this have to do with qualifying? Qualifying for what? Who are the “they” in your post? What is passport? Is that a Senior help agency? If “they” denied you 2 years ago, you can always reapply. Please try to repost with a more clear explanation.
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